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Dear Gentlemen clean nails aren't gender specific. Our Spa Mani - Pedi  will defiantly have you coming back! Have you tried it yet?

Express Manicure or Pedicure - (45mins)
This is what we like to call an in and out service. Specially for individuals who don't have much time but love clean groomed hands and feet. 
Classic Manicure or Pedicure - (45mins)
A lot of our clients ask us why we have a spa mani/pedi when our classic service is so great! Each our services are curated with the best possible products and the most highly trained staff. Our classic service is designed to ensure that you leave with not just groomed hands and feet but nourished skin and a spanking new set of nails!

Spa Manicure or Pedicure - (45mins)
This service does more for you! We have the most beautiful peel off mask at the end specially imported form Ireland and we discovered that over time with use it also helps less the effect of dark spots you might be suffering from. 


We have so many different extension options to choose from and so many nail art options as well ! We have a whole list of services below !

Extension Options

  • Gel Nail Extensions with Gel Polish

  • Acrylic Nail Extensions with Gel Polish

  • Overlay Extensions

  • Gum Extensions

  • Refill Nail Extensions

Nail Art

  • French Gel Polish

  • Dip Dye Ombré

  • Chrome Nails - Silver / Rose / Blue / Pink

  • Jelly Nail Extensions

  • Cat Eye

  • Flakes (Per Finger)

  • Glitter (Per Finger)

  • Water Stickers (Per Finger)

  • Nail Foil (Per Finger)

  • Acrylic Flowers (Per Flower)

  • Blooming Art (Per Finger)

  • Marble Art (Per Finger)

  • Name Art (Per Finger)

  • Be careful when doing things so you don’t damage your nail extensions and ultimately damage your natural nail. If you have gel or acrylic extensions, be gentle for the first 24-48 hours after they’re applied. It takes time for the bonding process to be completed.


  • Protect your nails by using gloves when doing housework or garden work.


  • Remember to moisturise your hands after washing them, this will allow the skin and nail bed to stay moisturised and smooth. Use cuticle oil every evening.


  • If you paint over your nail extensions with another colour remember to use non-acetone polish remover to remove the top coat without damaging the enhancement underneath.


  • Please do note that Extensions and Gel Polish Removal process is MORE IMPORTANT than the application! It should always be done by a professional and with great care! Please do not allow rough and excessive buffing on the top layer of your nail bed, ever!


  • DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE YOUR NAIL EXTENSIONS AT HOME! ALWAYS BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH AN EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL ! Do not pick off your nail extensions as this will remove the top layer of your natural nail, compromising its health and quality.


  • Do note the up keep of your extensions is very important to help your natural nail grow underneath and give better  support or anchor to your extensions.



"The one thing you can in shape without exercise"


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